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Friday, 19 July 2013

Commonly Used Similes (English)

as active as quicksilver
as afraid as a grasshopper
as agile as a monkey 
as angry as a bull 
as artificial as clockwork
as audacious as the day
as awkward as a cow on ice
as bad as a blight
as bald as an egg
as bare as a stone 
as barren as winter rain
as beautiful as the rainbow
as big as an elephant
as bitter as gall
as black as soot
as blameless as the snow
as blank as an empty bottle
as blind as a bat
as bold as a brass 
as boundless as the ocean
as brainless as a chimpanzee
as brave as a lion
as brief as a dream
as bright as the sun 
as buoyant as wings
as busy as a bee
as calm as a cat
as candid as mirrors
as careless as the wind
as changeable as the weather
as chaste as a lily
as cheap as dirt
as cheery as a sunbeam
as clean as a bell
as clever as paint
as clumsy as a bear
as cold as ice
as complacent as a cat
as confident as Hercules
as conscientious as a dog
as contagious as a yawn
as cool as cucumber
as countless as the sand
as cowardly as a wild duck
as crooked as a corkscrew
as cruel as death
as cunning as a fox
as dangerous as machine guns
as dark as a dungeon
as dead as a wood
as deaf as a beetle 
as deep as the sea
as devoted as a mother
as difficult as a Greek Puzzle 
as distant as the horizon 
as dry as a bone
as easy as an ABC
as empty as space 
as fair as the morn as fast as a deer
as feeble as a child
as fickle as friends
as fierce as a lion
as fit as a fiddle
as flat as a pancake
as fresh as a daisy
as gentle as a lamb
as gloomy as the night
as glum as and oyster
as good as gold
as graceful as a swan
as greedy as a hog
as hairy as a spider
as happy as a lark
as hard as iron
as heavy as lead
as immense as the sea
as industrious as a beaver
as joyful as a fly
as keen as a razor
as kind as consent
as lasting as the pyramids 
as light as a feather
as lively as a cricket 
as mean as a miser
as meek as a lamb
as nervous as a mouse
as nimble as a lizard
as obstinate as a mule 
as persistent as a mosquito
as playful as a kitten 
as poor as a church mouse
as quarrelsome as the weasel
as quick as lightning
as red as a cherry 
as rosy as a bride
as round as a barrel 
as rude as a bear
as selfish as a fox
as shy as a squirrel
as slippery as an eel
as slow as a snail
as still as a statue
as sturdy as an oak
as swift as a hare
as tall as a giant 
as thick as thieves
as timid as a mouse
as tough as leather
as ugly as a scarecrow
as vain as a peacock
as wet as a fish 

by shweird